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About Enginer PHEV

  1. What is the difference between Enginer PHEV conversion kit and other like products?
  2. Can I use the kit for other hybrids?
  3. Does the kit adjust the voltage as the temperature fluctuates?
  4. Does the Enginer PHEV come with all the necessary instructions? Will it work in EV mode only up to 34mph, or will it go up to 50mph? When the gasoline engine is on, will it behave like a regular hybrid, or will the gas mileage still improve (ie. even when the gas engine is running)?
  5. Can you provide full install instructions so I can get an estimate from a local mechanic on how much it would cost to install?
  6. How does the low-speed EV mode work? Most use the integrated Prius functionality, which frequently locks you out and automatically exits when needed. The plug-in power PHEV uses a different system that forces EV and goes up to 52MPH.
  7. How many amps does the charger pull (my garage has a small breaker)?

  8. How does the modified hybrid mode work? Does the Enginer lithium pack power the motor directly, or does it charge the traction battery?
  9. Are the electronics in the Prius 'fooled' into thinking that the battery is more charged than it is (resulting in more electric power being used)?
  10. Can you recommend an installer?
  11. Do I keep my spare tire? If so, how accessible is it after the install?

  12. Would the Enginer PHEV kit damage my hybrid?
  13. Would Enginer PHEV auxiliary Lithium-Ion battery cause a fire?
  14. How is this kit comparing to Calcars' design?
  15. Is there an interlock to prevent the car from being started while the car is plugged in?
  16. Is the 5,000W DC-DC converter significantly underpowered to support extended EV mode?

  17. How should I order an Enginer PHEV conversion kit?
  18. How long do the Enginer batteries last?

  19. What is the warranty?

  20. Will the kit void my original vehicle warranty?
  21. Is Enginer PHEV qualified for any tax credit?

  22. What would happen if PHEV batteries run out?
  23. How do I recharge the battery system?

  24. Where can I get more information on PHEV conversion?
  25. Will I get 100 MPG once I install an Enginer Kit?
  26. How do I know if my cells are balanced?
  27. How do I get higher MPG with Enginer kit?
  28. After installing the Enginer system, the battery indicator shows seven green bar. Why don't I see significant fuel efficiency improvement?
  29. Is the spare tire accessible after installation?

  30. Does the kit include a smart charger or one that automatically lowers the current when it's getting close to full and shuts off by itself?


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