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Provide Solar Backup Power and Improve your MPG's

By using electricity from the grid, your gasoline consumption will be reduced significantly. The cost for the electricity cost around $0.40 per charge. It is equivalent of $1.00/gallon of gas.


Easy Installation

There are only two low voltage and two high voltage wires to connect. It takes four hours for professionals to install. Most automotive savy customers with electrical background can do it themselves in eight hours.


Starting at $1995

Our solution is the most cost-effective in the world. It is only a fraction of our competitors' and OEMs'. Our 4KWH kit cost is only half of Toyota 2012 Plug-in option and it has 50% longer range. Calculate ROI. 12 month no interest payment option is available. Please contact us for details.



Jul 1, 2012

AFV Plate for HOV car pool lane access in State of George

Nissan Leaf Range Extender is available.

Prius Plug-in Range Extender is available.

Customers are Saying

Electric Autosports and the Vancouver Electrical Vehicle Association tell me that I may very well have the first PHEV in Alberta! My last fill of the 40 litre tank (8 gallons) took my Prius about 940km. Much of my daily commute is highway driving. For days that I am driving around town (under 60km/h or under 40 miles per hour) your system has resulted in trip readings of over 100mpg!

-Andrew, Alberta, Canada, 2005 Prius with 4KWH Enginer System